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About Harold Shore

North Shore Photography was founded in 2009 prior to retirement at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital . Harold Shore was born in Montreal and raised in the Windsor area with photography being his passion since the age of twelve, when he got his own darkroom where he processed and printed his own black and white work.

Throughout his adult life he took pictures of his growing family, family events and vacations but didn’t feel the photos were of professional quality.

Photography is something Harold has always been passionate about and never considered as work. In his retirement he picked up a few photography courses at the local college and several advanced courses with a reputable photographer with over thirty years experience. Harold learned the rules of the trade and was challenged to do more advanced work. The first year of retirement saw him shooting a new model almost every day of the week. He felt in order to improve he must practice, practice, practice! He feels he is still learning and hopes to keep learning about photography in the future.

Harold enjoys all types of photography and feels each has its own set of challenges. Landscape and Glamour are the type of photography he practices most.

He enjoys working with models to help build their portfolio and dreams, some which have become highly successful with spreads in well known magazines and awards in beauty competitions. He believes empowering women through self-confidence is important to succeed.

While Harold works to get the right angle and best photo possible straight out of the camera, he also enjoys working in Photoshop as it gives him an additional creative outlet.

Harold’s work has been published in multiple magazines and looks forward to seeing more of his work published in the future.

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